The Guidance Team is a group of people, selected by Irshad Manji, to serve as advisors for anybody who is struggling to build their moral courage. Moral courage means doing the right thing in the face of fear.

A major source of fear is what we are taught by religious authorities. But fear-based teachings are about power, not personal faith. The Guidance Team is here to help you have faith without fear.

We are Muslim and non-Muslim. We are gay and straight. We are young and older. We are women and men. Some of us are scholars. Many of us speak more than one language. We are here to answer your questions.

For example, we receive a lot of questions from inter-faith couples. And gay Muslims. And others who want to start honest conversations with their family, friends, or co-workers.

Through confidential email exchanges with a Guidance Team member, individuals around the world are guided towards answers for some of life's most difficult questions.

Here is a personal message from the head of the Guidance Team, Ismail Butera.

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